About Me

Ron Viehe

I am 73 years old at this time and have attended church the biggest part of my entire life. My parents became Christian’s soon after I was born. At age four I was miraculously healed from a severe case of Rheumatic Fever. (See healing testimony elsewhere on this site.) My Dad, perhaps because of my healing, became a minister early in my life and I was in church 3 times a week thereafter. I was called a Christian from early childhood even though I feel sure that I did not have a saving relationship with Jesus until much later in life.

During the last 50 years of my life I have attended many different Protestant denominational and non-denominational churches including Methodist, Wesleyan Methodist, Church of Christ, and various Christian Churches. I attended 7 years of the Bible Study Fellowship in Indianapolis and conducted weekly Bible studies in my business for 20 years. I retired at age 55 and have spent around a thousand hours a year in Christian studies and activities.

I am married and have three Daughters, seven Grandchildren and three great Grands!

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