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7 Teachings of Jesus About the Father

If you want to learn what intimacy with Father God can be like, observing the life and message of Jesus is the best place to start. His life demonstrates what a powerful connection with Father God can be.In fact, the work that Christ brought, paved the way for us to have an ongoing relationship with the Father that satisfies our need to be loved and our longing for identity. But are we connecting to that which is available for us? The best place to start is to look to Jesus. He’s the model, example and message that we ought to be drawn into so that we can experience the connection available to Father God.Here are seven key truths about relationship with Father God can help you and I grow more:

1. Jesus Taught to Pray to the Father

In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father . . . Matthew 6:9 (NKJV)One of the habits that astounded the disciples was the prayer life of Jesus. Watching Him pray elicited a response where they exclaimed, “teach us how to do that!” To this request, Jesus taught them to begin their dialogue with God by saying, “Our Father.” (Matthew 6:9) This brought a whole new revolution to what a relationship with God is like. Jesus brought in the revelation that the Kingdom of God involves a family. God is our Father and we are His children. Cultivating intimacy with Father God starts with the simplest things. Addressing Him as your Father and becoming acquainted with who He is as a Father is what Jesus wants to lead you into.

Talking to the Father as His Child. Connecting to God as Your Father will help you learn to cultivate the simplicity of relationship. You are His loved child and He is your Father. I find one of the key things that keep many Christians from being able to go to the deeper level is really understanding the depth and intimacy, not just of our Lord Jesus Christ, but of God the Father. I believe we have missed one of the key foundational precepts Jesus came to lead us into–a personal connection with the Father.

When you accept Christ, He wants to lead you to intimacy with the Father. Jesus Christ gives you the ability to be able to access your Father, your heavenly Father, without hindrance or interference. And yet this is the place where Christians often struggle the most. They’re struggling with having a sense of intimacy with the Father. They believe in Jesus, they’ve received Him, they’ve accepted Him but they are struggling with going to what Jesus wanted to bridge the gap to. When the disciples were amazed at Jesus prayer connection to God, the first line of communication laid the foundation of relationship . . . our Father. How often can you find yourself in prayer moving away from addressing the Father? Yet this can be a critical shift, especially if you want to grow in what love means. 

As a believer, God gave us the right to be children of God. You are His son. You are His daughter. When you receive that work of Christ you are now a child who can talk to your Father in the name of Jesus with full access to all that He has. You can speak and share with Him. You can interact with Him. Jesus showed us that this is normal Christianity–to have a comfortable prayer life with Father.

Published January 29, 2018 by Mark DeJesus Father’s Love  

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