1 God has raised you from death, so that you are alive with Christ. So, you should continue to look up. You should want more and more the things that are in heaven, with Christ. Christ is sitting next to God, at his right side. 2 Continue to think about things that are above. Do not think about things that are on the earth. Col 3:1-2 EasyEnglish

We have the very mind of Christ. 1Co 2:16b 20cNT

 4  Always be happy because you live united to the *Lord. I will say it again, ‘Be happy!’ 

 5  Always be kind and patient. So everyone will see that you are very kind and good. Remember that the *Lord is near. 

 6  Do not be afraid about anything. Do not let anything cause you trouble inside yourselves. Instead, tell everything to God. Pray to him. Ask him for everything that you need. And when you pray, always thank him. 

 7  If you do that, God will rule you. He will rule your minds by Christ Jesus. He will rule what you feel like. He will cause you to be without trouble inside yourselves. God is so great that he can do that for us. But we cannot understand how he does it. 
 8 Phi 4:8 EasyEnglish Now friends, I want to say this to you. Think about the things that are true and honest. Think about the things that are right and good and lovely. Everyone can see that some things are completely good. Think about these things.

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