In doing a recent Google search I found that there are 33,000 religious denominations in America now. Each having different faith and doctrinal  beliefs, some of which are minor and others significant..I have heard much conflicting preaching on how to believe, how to live, what is good and bad, and even how to be saved. 

I am 73 years of age at this time. My Father became a lay minister when I was 5 and we were in church at least 3 times a week for many years  Having been a regular church attender all my life I have heard hundreds if not thousands of sermons. In the beginning it seems that the main theme was “Hell Fire and Damnation!.” As decades moved on the thrust was “Faith and Grace….Invite Jesus into your Heart.”

I came to the point where I couldn’t  understand or reconcile all of the differences, which made me very frustrated and discouraged. Realizing that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow I decided that I should be able to understand the Bible through my own study. I prayed to God and sought the Holy Spirit’s guidance into all truth (John 16:13.) By studying the Bible in that way many verses became clear regarding important topics like the Gospel, Salvation, Baptism etc. which are quite important for our present life and our life in the Kingdom of God.

I hope you will take time to pray and read the various topics on my website and receive the understanding of the Holy Spirit.

God Bless, Ron

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